Pastor David M. Sutton was born on September 9, 1963 to God-fearing parents, Eugene and Hazel Sutton. His work in the ministry was not always easy coming. Growing up in Los Angeles, CA, Pastor Sutton had to fight through adversaries to make his way to Jesus Christ. Once he accepted his calling to the ministry in his early adult years, Pastor Sutton made sure he would give his all to the ministry for the sake of Jesus Christ. 

Years after serving under Bishop B.R. Benbow at 88th Street Temple Church of God in a Christ, Pastor Sutton heard from the Lord.  One evening in January 2005, the Lord spoke to him and said:

       “I have called you to the office of Pastor. You must offer yourself and will to me so that my plan of reconciliation might be fulfilled in you. Speak only what I (God) speak. My will, values, and purpose, saith the Lord. Teach my people to worship Me in the beauty of holiness. Be not afraid of the people, neither be afraid of their words. Though briers and thorns be with thee, and though doest dwell among scorpions, don’t be afraid of their words or looks. Whether they will hear, or whether they will forebear, yet shall they know that there hath been a prophet among them”.

From that moment on, along with his wife, First Lady Natosha Sutton, and three children, Pastor Sutton established Christian Enrichment Center. He has since dedicated his life to the work of the ministry and to promoting the Word of God. Pastor Sutton has a heart for God, and for God’s people. Pastor Sutton is often referred to as the “people’s pastor”, he makes each and every member and visitor feel like family. So, be prepared for a hug and a huge welcome from our great Pastor!