A Wide Range of Initiatives

Calling all men! The Brotherhood Fellowship Meeting is a place for men, ages 18 and older, to come together and discuss the Word of God and the trials of daily life. Brotherhood is a place for men to be themselves without fear of ridicule or backlash. In Brotherhood, topics range from marriage, taking God with you to work, and even your personal relationship with God. Brotherhood is a safe place for men of all different backgrounds and walks of life to feel free to fellowship with like-minded individuals. We welcome you to join our Brotherhood Fellowship!


Shaping Your Faith

Calling all women! We would like to cordially invite you to our Sisterhood Fellowship Meetings at CEC. Sisterhood Fellowship is a great time for women, ages 18 and up, to talk about our daily lives, relationships, and the best way to keep God in the forefront through it all. Sisterhood discussions range from topics of marriage, nutrition and health, personal relationship with God, to dealing with our children. Sisterhood is an open space for adult women to be free in discussing things that concern them, without fear of backlash or judgment. Sisterhood is a safe place for you to come and learn from different women of different backgrounds and so much more. We hope to see you there!


Helping Us Grow Spiritually

At Christian Enrichment Center, we offer congregants ages 18 and under the space to worship God in their own manner. Our H.U.G.S. ministry allows current youth members or newcomers to be involved with our ongoing mission of spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to our ever-growing community. At Christian Enrichment Center, we believe that our youth should feel safe and free to learn about and praise Jesus Christ. H.U.G.S. not only offers spiritual teachings, but academic and lifestyle teachings as well. H.U.G.S. offers in-house tutoring and counseling as well as great youth activities.


Helping Us Grow Spiritually


Worshiping God Through Dance

Our Dance Ministry is known citywide for their dedication to worshiping God through dance. Our dance leaders work tirelessly to perfect their worship that it may be a sweet aroma unto God. With our Dance Ministry in place, congregants have the chance to participate in a variety of worship experiences. Joining our dance ministry is a perfect opportunity for you to get closer to other members of our congregation, and of course to honor the sacrifices and teachings of the Lord.

Dance Ministry